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Solar Blanket Swimming Pool Covers

SOLAR-LAB Advantage - Premium Quality Pool Solar Blankets

Heavy Duty, 500-Micron Swimming Pool Solar Covers.

Our solar blankets offer a smart and multi-functional solution to your pool cover requirements.

The solar pool covers offer an eco-friendly means of heating your swimming pool and can increase your water temperature by 4 to 8 degrees Celsius.

They can also greatly increase the efficiency and performance of your heat pump or pool solar panel heating system as well as reducing your monthly chemical and maintenance costs.

Another amazing benefit or the SOLAR-LAB Advantage pool covers is that they can reduce the amount of water lost through evaporation by up to 97%

Features & Benefits:

  • Increases The Water Temperature Of Your Swimming Pool By 4 To 8 Degrees Celsius.
  • Enhances The Efficiency And Performance Of Your Swimming Pool Heat Pump Or Solar Heating System.
  • Reduces Water Loss From Evaporation By Up To 97%.
  • Keeps Your Swimming Pool Free From Leaves, Dust And Dirt.
  • Reduces Average Chemical Use By Up To 60%
  • Solar Blankets Float On The Water’s Surface And Do Not Require Any Drilling Or Fastening To Install.
  • Our Solar Blankets Are Manufactured From 500-Micron, Heavy Duty Polyethylene Material Suited To The Harsh South African Climate.  
  • Larger Reinforced Bubbles For Increased Thermal Energy Absorption, Heat Retention And Lasting Durability With A Life Expectancy Of 4 - 6 Years.
  • Excellent Resistance Against Damage From Extreme Outdoor Temperatures, UV, Rain, Hail, Sun And Frost.
  • Our Solar Blankets Can Be Manufactured For Any Size & Shape Swimming Pool And Are Suitable For Use In Chlorinated And Salt Water Pools.
  • Best Prices With Delivery Anywhere In South Africa & Installations Done Throughout Gauteng.

500-Micron Solar Blankets On Special

Only R145.00 Per Square Meter!

(Available In Blue Or Black Colours)

Exclusive Pool Solar Covers www.pool-covers.co.za

The main function of a swimming pool solar blanket, sometimes also known as a pool bubble cover or thermal cover is essentially to help increase the water temperature of your swimming pool.

Pool solar covers work by absorbing and trapping the natural heat produced by the sun and transferring this free energy to your swimming pool.

The solar blanket forms a barrier on the water’s surface which keeps the heat from escaping and can increase the pool’s average temperature from 4 to 8 degrees Celsius.   

Solar covers installed on swimming pools which have ample direct sunlight exposure will show the best overall performance in temperature gains.

Another major benefit of using a solar blanket is that they reduce the loss of water through sun, wind and natural evaporation by up to 97%

This not only creates a financial saving on your pool running cost but also helps to protect and save our country’s precious water resources.

Our solar blankets further helps you save on your monthly pool maintenance cost by reducing algae growth and cutting down the amount of chemicals you need to use by up to 60%

A solar cover is also a great solution for keeping all the leaves, dust and debris out of your pool.

As the solar blankets just float on the water’s surface, it makes them easy to install, fit and remove.

 How Do Swimming Pool Solar Covers Work?

www.pool-covers.co.za pool solar blanketsExclusive Solar Pool Covers www.pool-covers.co.za
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Solar Swimming Pool Covers www.pool-covers.co.za

 The SOLAR-LAB Advantage pool thermal covers also makes a great companion for any swimming pool heat pump or solar heating system.

The solar cover traps all the heat produced by the pool heating system which greatly increases its efficiency. This allows the pool heating system to obtain a higher average water temperature while also maintaining the heat produced for much longer than would otherwise be possible with an uncovered swimming pool.

A solar blanket will also reduce the amount of running time required for your heat pump or solar panels to reach their desired water temperature.

 Our pool solar blankets are pre-manufactured according to the sizes provided by the customer.

It is important to ensure that the sizes provided when ordering are correct as the solar covers can’t be made larger once they have been produced.

The solar blankets are supplied as a complete rectangular sheet which must be large enough to cover the entire length and width of the swimming pool including any steps.

The solar blanket will be placed over the entire perimeter of the swimming pool when being fitted and then trimmed down to fit the correct shape and form.

 How To Measure Your Swimming Pool For A New Solar Blanket?

Pool Solar Blanket How To Measure www.pool-covers.co.za

 The correct way to measure for a new solar cover is to outline a rectangle around the outside perimeter of the swimming pool.

We then need to look for the absolute widest and longest points in our rectangle to ensure the cover will be large enough to cover the full surface area of the swimming pool.

It’s important to also include the steps in your measurements as omitting these would result in the cover being too small and leaving a gap around the step area.

 An allowance for trimming and turn-up at the edges (to prevent leaves and dirt getting into the pool) should be made. The minimal allowance should be around 10cm larger than the actual dimensions of the swimming pool.

Measuring Your Swimming Pool CoverPool Solar Blanket Installations

 How Are The Solar Pool Covers Fitted & Installed?

 Fitting a new pool solar blanket is a fairly simple process that can easily be done as a DIY project.

The solar blanket is first rolled out and placed over the swimming pool. The side with the bubbles is placed facing down towards the water. It is important that the solar blanket covers the full surface area of the swimming pool ensuring that no corners of steps are exposed.

Once The blanket has been laid over the pool, we recommend using your pool brush to “level” the blanket on the water’s surface and push out any air pockets that may be present underneath cover.

When the cover has been neatly levelled out and there are no more air pockets present you can proceed to cutting the blanket to shape.

Pool Solar Cover Installation

 When trimming your solar blanket to size, it is important to use a good sharp pair of scissors that can glide through the material instead of cut as this will result in the neatest finish.

First trim off all the large pieces of material that overlaps onto the paving to get the solar blanket into the general shape of the pool.

We then go around the blanket again with a second final trim to neaten up the rough edges and ensure that the cover fits snugly inside the pool.

Leaving a few centimetres of extra material to “turn up” on the inside edge of the coping will help to keep any dirt and leaves from falling through the sides of the cover.

Pool Solar Blanket Cutting And Fitment

Our solar blanket roll-up stations offer an easy and convenient means to operate and store your swimming pool cover when not in use.

These are particularly handy for larger sized pool covers which can be heavy and more cumbersome to work with.

Our pool cover roller stations are all manufactured using a heavy duty aluminium pole for maximum strength and durability.

We have different stands and bases available for the roller stations which include free-standing portable stands or mounted stands which can be secured to the paving.

Solar Pool Cover  - Roll-up Stations

Pool Solar Blanket Storage Roller Station

Pool Solar Blanket Colour Options

 The SOLAR-LAB Advantage swimming pool covers are available in either dark blue or alternatively black colours.

Most customers will opt for the luxurious blue to create an aesthetically pleasing effect and match with the swimming pool.

The black coloured pool blankets work best in terms of heating your swimming pool as these draw in a bit more energy from the sun.

The black solar blankets are also more effective at preventing algae growth as they block the wavelengths of light which are required by algae to grow while at the same time allowing through the UV rays which helps to heat up your swimming pool.

Black Swimming Pool Solar Covers www.pool-covers.co.za